Benton Ave. Cemetery Association

October 29, 2019 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The benton Avenue cemetery association is a group of people dedicated to preserving and taking care of the benton Avenue cemetery.

Areas Served



This is a highly historic town, also full of many military families. The cemetery has numerous people buried in it that are of great historic or military background. We try to make sure they are never forgotten.

Project / Needs

Landscaping is a constant project, any repairs or additions to the ccemetery.we do flag ceremonies on all important dates. There will be a very large historic monument being put up in the cemetery in the very near future as well as a couple more historic/memorial plaques.

Other Fundraising

As a non profit we are responsible for gathering any and all funds for the cemetery. We try to get on as many benefit nights with any business we can. We are also affiliated with another non profit called E Clampus Vitus and they help us throw fundraisers and do things of that sort to earn money for work that needs to be done in the cemetery.

How Will The Funds Be Used

Funds will be used to pay for any and all projects that the cemetery might need at any time. Landscaping, repairs, historic monuments/plaques that will be going up.