Career Training Institute

April 7, 2020 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Mission Statement: Career Training Institute provides people with individualized services, resources, training and business development that foster a thriving community.

Vision Statement: Individuals and businesses have the skills and resources necessary to succeed and contribute to a strong community.

Areas Served

CTI serves business and community members in Lewis and Clark, Jefferson and Broadwater counties. Our programs are available to adults and youth in need of assistance with gaining employment, training and further education in order to become self-sufficient.


CTI services individuals and families seeking to become self sufficient through case management, training and job search assistance (interview skills, resume writing, communication skills, etc.)

Project / Needs

CTI fundraises for our Helping Hands fund which can provide resources to clients who are in need of assistance and programs are unable to assist due to funders’ guidelines. We assist with fuel and bus passes, work clothing and uniforms, car repairs, etc.

Other Fundraising

CTI does an annual appeal letter to the “friends of CTI”.

How Will The Funds Be Used

The AFCN funds would be used to assist our clients with supportive services when there are no other resources available- our Helping Hands funds are used only after all internal and external resources have been exhausted.