Helena Youth Homes

June 18, 2019 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The mission of Youth Homes is “to help every youth feel safe, have a sense of belonging and find a place to call home.”

Areas Served

Helena Youth Homes serves Lewis & Clark, Jefferson, and Broadwater counties.  Our parent organization, Youth Homes, Inc., serves all of western Montana.


We provide emergency shelter to youth ages 10-17, therapeutic group care to girls ages 12-17, hospital diversion services, and counseling services for at-risk youth who are facing issues of abuse, neglect, emotional trauma and/or substance abuse.  We work closely with Youth Court, the Department of Corrections, and Child and Family Services to provide a safe and stable place for youth to live when home is not a safe or viable option.  We serve youth in their home community so they feel connected, are able to continue attending school, and are able to participate in family therapy.

Project / Needs

Our therapeutic group home, the Jan Shaw Home for Girls, is in the process of forming a partnership with Cohesion Dance.  Cohesion will provide dance classes and instruction to our residents.  We are currently partnering to write grants and find funding for this project.

Our homes are in need of certain improvements and upgrades.  Our shelter, the Margaret Stuart Youth Home, is in need of new gutters and a few new windows.  New kitchen cabinets, a commercial refrigerator and dishwasher are also on the list of upgrades we’d like to make this year.  The Jan Shaw Home for Girls needs new hallway carpet.

Other Fundraising

We received a grant from the Treacy Foundation last year to remove and replace the flooring at the Margaret Stuart Youth Home.  We recently completed our Christmas appeals process, which resulted in three times more donations from the community than we received last year.  Run 4 Kids is our fundraiser connected with the Governor’s Cup race; runners join our team and solicit donations.  In the fall we do a back-to-school campaign.

How Will The Funds Be Used

The funds may be used towards some of the capital improvements listed above or for a special activity. During the summer, we take our residents on a few outings, such as a two-day camping trip, trips to Yellowstone or Glacier, or a trip to Silverwood.