Montana Outreach Clinic

April 30, 2019 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Montana Outreach Clinic is a non-profit organization which provides free medical care to the children of Santa Maria Children’s Home in Colon, Mexico.  Physicians who are alumni of Carroll College and Montana residents take six Carroll College students to the rural area and put on a free clinic for the children of the orphanage as well as the poor of nearby Colon, Mexico.  Dr. Kyle Strode, Helena resident and Carroll College chemistry professor accompanies the group and provides information on water treatment to the residential school.  The Carroll students assist in the clinic and also provide educational talks on nutrition, hand washing and dental care.

Areas Served

We serve the children of Santa Maria Orphanage and School in Colon, Mexico with medical care.  We also serve the poor of Colon with a free medical clinic.
In addition, we serve Carroll College with service opportunities for their pre-medical students to assist in the clinic, observe medical care, educate the children of the orphanage.


As previously mentioned, we formed to allow Carroll students an opportunity to travel abroad assisting in medical care and assimilating in a rural Mexican community.

Project / Needs

We currently have planned a mission trip in June, 2019.  We have selected six Carroll students as well as Dr. Strode to accompany us.  We currently go to the school every six months.

Other Fundraising

We have had a non-profit organization formed since 2017.   we participate in Amazon smile.

How Will The Funds Be Used

Each mission trip we need to acquire various medication and supplies to run the clinic.  These medications vary from vitamins to antibiotics to fluoride varnish for the children’s teeth.