Montana Watershed Coordination Council

June 4, 2019 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Montana Watershed Coordination Council is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of Montana.  MWCC’s mission is to “unite and support Montana’s watershed communities to promote healthy and productive landscapes.” Since 1992, MWCC has met its mission through collaboration and capacity building throughout Montana, empowering thousands of resource caretakers to ensure clean, plentiful water and healthy landscapes for all Montanans.

Our vision is to increase watershed conservation and protection by connecting local watershed groups to human, technical, and financial resources. MWCC supports watershed groups by providing:
-Professional training, education, and information sharing,
-Small funding opportunities;
 Capacity building resources such as Big Sky Watershed Corps program;
 Statewide symposia to facilitate networking and collaborative conservation among local
watershed groups; and
 Bi monthly watershed newsletters with relevant information for watershed groups.

Areas Served

The state of Montana


As our office location, we are particularly invested in the activities within the Ten Mile and Lake Helena watershed. We partnered with the Lake Helena Watershed Group, Lewis & Clark Conservation District, Prickly Pear Land Trust, local businesses, and a local artist to raise
awareness about our local watershed through commissioning the Ten Mile Creek Mural in 2016. MWCC is making every attempt to raise its organizational profile within our community and as well as raise the awareness of our locally based groups in Helena, were so many policy makers are headquartered.

Project / Needs

In Fall 2017, MWCC underwent strategic planning. Based on feedback from local watershed groups, peer organizations nationwide, and key federal and non profit partners, MWCC Board of Director began revisions of the strategic plan which resulted in a series of activities wherein MWCC could represent local watershed
communities to state and federal agencies and decision makers. In addition to maintaining MWCC’s core services, including the Watershed News, Website, and Big Sky Watershed Corps Program, MWCC’s two strategic initiatives for supporting and uniting local communities over the next three years are in storytelling and watershed funding.

Watershed Stories Campaign: MWCC has started by working with six watersheds in 2018 and will highlight another six in 2019. The goal for this campaign to raise the awareness of watershed groups statewide to facilitate partnership and generate more support for the great work that you do. Keep your eyes peeled for our social media and print materials and help us share our success with your network!

MWCC Watershed Fund: MWCC geared up to deliver over $200,000 in funding for local groups in 2018 and we are focused on growing this funding program to increase the amount of funding made directly available to local watershed communities for community based conservation activities including organizational capacity and projects. Funds from this event will specifically go to our development of a professional development scholarship program for watershed
coordinators statewide.

Watershed Family: MWCC will be updating and growing the #WatershedFamily list. Access to MWCC Partner Program Services and our community of watershed professionals. Receive regular updates on MWCC activities and developments within the MWCC watershed directory. MWCC continues to find opportunities to connect technical, financial, and human resources to watershed communities and invites you to become more engaged with our network and help us cultivate the watershed approach to conservation statewide.

Climate Change Data Reporting Training: MWCC is working with a multitude of partners to put together a training for Watershed Coordinators on how to collect climate data from different sources, how to understand and then synthesize the data for distribution to their constituents. The training will be available online as well as in hard copy.

Spring Webinar Series: MWCC will be hosting a Webinar Series this spring highlighting resources from several different entities and how to use them. Our list includes the MWCC Water Monitoring Page,  MT DOA Ag. Meditation, DNRC Riparian and range management, and WCS/NWF Beaver Mimicry.

Capacity Building: MWCC has again assisted its partners, Montana Conservation Corps, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana in placing 27 Big Sky Watershed Corps members statewide. Members will collectively provide more than 25,000 hours of service to
watershed groups. MWCC has also acquired over $65,000 in funding that went directly to host sites to assist in covering host site fees, professional development, and other service member related costs. In 2019, MWCC will continue grant administration on pass through funding and recruit and approve host sites for the 2018 Big Sky Watershed Corps Program.

Other Fundraising

MWCC is considering applying for other community events at Ten Mile Creek and Gulch Distillery. MWCC would like to limit its community events to no more than 4 per year.

How Will The Funds Be Used

Funds from this event will specifically go to our development of a professional development scholarship program for watershed coordinators statewide.  Part of MWCC’s Strategic Plan is to increase the ability of coordinators to be able to attend needed professional development training’s and events held in Helena in 2019.