Angel Fund

April 21, 2020 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Angel Fund helps K-12 Helena School District children (who qualify for free/reduced lunch) with clothing, shoes, winter outerwear, backpacks, school supplies, field trip fees and other required items to be successful in the classroom. We also award Montana post-secondary scholarships to deserving graduates of Access to Success, Capital HS, Helena HS and Pupils in Alternative learning based on financial need, academic success and a commitment to “pay it forward” in the future.

Areas Served

Human needs of the Helena area.


Angel Fund has been helping children in need for 30 years in the Helena School District. We are changing lives each school year because we enhance self-esteem, instill a willingness to give back and encourage high school students to stay in school. When you look good, you feel good . . . students attend school when they have proper school supplies and clothes. It’s a win win!

Project / Needs

We will begin our 14th summer organizing “Stuff the Bus” whereby 70 churches and businesses throughout Helena collect school supplies for kids in need. We also help all smaller school districts around Helena to gather supplies for their students in need.
We need donations to help the 800+ students that need Angel Fund each year and help fund our 14 Montana post-secondary scholarships for students that need help to begin college for a brighter future.

Other Fundraising

We send out annual fundraising cards to all past donors each fall and others on our mailing list.

Grants are written each spring to encourage Foundations to donate to Angel Fund and the many children we help.

We hold fundraising opportunities in Helena that highlight nonprofits throughout the calendar year.

How Will The Funds Be Used

We will help 820+ students this fall needing school clothes, shoes and other required items to be successful in the classroom. We have spent $108,097 since October 1 that have gone directly for students in need. We also awarded 24 scholarships for another $32,000 last fall to help students with their first year of college. Every dollar counts!