At Lewis & Clark Taproom we are excited to support live music in our community with a mix of local, regional, and national acts. We are proud to offer live music most Thursday and Saturday nights. To date, more than 500 musical act have performed at the brewery on our indoor  and outdoor stage . We attempt to do this with minimal impact to our craft beer enthusiasts by limiting the amount of times we charge a cover (ticket price) for live music.

We also hold a few “Block Party” type events each year where we shut down the block and build a stage a front of the new brewery and bring in a set of bleachers.  These events can handle up to 1,500 people.

You will only need to fill out the application once, and only update it if you have changes with your band. Your information will be maintained on file and we will contact you when (if) dates become available, we appreciate your interest in playing at the tap room and will do our best to give you plenty of notice regarding potential dates to play.

If you are a local band, available most dates, and would like to be considered for our normal rotation at our normal fee, fill out the Live Music Application.

If you are a regional band only available certain dates but willing to play at our normal fee, use the date specific application.

If you are a regional or national act looking to book a specific date(s) or would like to be considered for a special engagement (cover charge and/or ticket sales) please use the Regional or National Acts application.