Bo DePeña (full band)

June 30, 2022 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

“Whether it’s tried-and-true traditional country, more modern Texas-style country with a little rock ‘n roll swagger, singer-songwriter stuff, or something in between, Laredo, TX-native Bo DePeña has you covered.” – Saving Country Music

Colorado-based songwriter/performer, Bo DePeña, has developed a reputation as a consummate working musician. Over the years, his high-energy shows have generated a loyal fan base around the mountain west, and it’s clear to see why fans of the country music tradition embrace his songs. From Texas to Colorado to South Dakota to Montana, Bo’s music can be heard at bars, breweries, rodeos, honky tonks, and beyond.

His third release, “It’s About to Get Western” is a collection of songs about his experiences living in Colorado and touring the West. With inspirations from Marty Robbins, Lefty Frizzell, Buck Owens, Chris Ledoux, and Ray Price, this collection of songs ranges from western swing to honky tonk to jazz to folksy ballads. Bo’s records are “like a box of chocolates”…

(You know the rest.)

“It’s About to Get Western” was recorded in collaboration with producer/drummer/engineer Gus Alvarado and his band, Western Bling. This Houston-based band is a hyper talented group of players who are known for entertaining large crowds of two-steppers and waltzers around Houston. With fiddle and steel guitar leads and a rock-solid rhythm section, this band helped bring Bo’s vision for a western record to life, and the interplay between Gus Alvarado and engineer, Brian Baker, made this BDP’s most mature sounding record to date.

Apart from Western Bling, Bo hired on several guests to enhance the record. “Colorado Rose” was recorded entirely remotely during the early stages of the 2020 pandemic, as was “Second Cup of Coffee”. “If I Let You Go Again”, which was inspired by the early work of Willie Nelson, was redone with the addition of vocals by Ellen Melissa Stor – who also plays fiddle on the record.

Bo has put many miles under his wheels…and his feet. Not only is Bo a hard-working entertainer, but his love for the outdoors has been a critical part of his life and career. As a long-distance runner, he has become convinced that being fit and healthy is crucial to putting on a great live performance. Being in shape has given him the energy to play for hours on end. Bo is also an avid hunter and fisherman, and he is known to disappear into the wilderness for several days during the elk season.

Bo has shared stages with artists such as William Clark Green, Chris Knight, Dale Watson, William Michael Morgan, Ned LeDoux, and Colter Wall. His lyrical content is often universal, evoking memories of past lives, lost loves, and a longing for home. This explains why his followers are an eclectic bunch, encompassing many backgrounds, tastes, and persuasions. If you are a fan of good stories, good tunes, and good vibes, you won’t want to miss a Bo DePeña show.