Bo DePeña

March 14, 2020 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Somewhere between the concrete jungle of New York City and the dirt road expanse of the West, resides the “American Roots” music of Bo DePeña. With a blended sound of blues, country, folk, and hints of rock ‘n roll, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica) has traveled the country as a lone wolf troubadour. Through collected trinkets of musical influences, Bo’s music taps into many vantage points of the American story, and does so gracefully.

Since 2014, Bo has performed in 22 states and over 65 cities across the United States, and has released three full-length albums. Lyrically, his music cuts to the root of human experiences, painting images of longing, rediscovery, and finding one’s way back home.

Bo’s musical journey began at age 7, growing up in the bordertown of Laredo, TX. Sitting in his parent’s living room, Bo watched clips of The King himself, Elvis Presley, wooing the crowd with his rock ‘n roll. It was at that moment that Bo was hooked on the idea of entertaining crowds with his music. That next day, he was strumming a $40 nylon string guitar, sparking what was soon to be his life’s passion.

After studying in San Antonio and obtaining his MBA in Austin, Bo’s headed east, diving into the heart New York City. It was there in the insomniatic city that he channeled his restless heart into writing music, and wrote his first album There’s No Way Out of Here (2014).

Months later, Bo returned to Austin and began recording new music at Blue Rock Studios, and quickly followed that up with a summer tour throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. After settling back in his hometown of Laredo, TX, he continued to write, record, and tour, all the while maturing vocally, lyrically and musically.

Since his debut album, Bo has released the album titled Crash My Car (2016) and has been promoting his most recent album release Long Road to Denver (2017) with a 40+ show summer tour.

Bo’s music takes listeners on a visual journey through the urban and rural areas of America, and taps into the beautiful and grisly experiences of those who live there. Incorporating influences ranging from John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, and Todd Snyder, Bo manages to concoct his own unique style and storytelling.

Bo’s powerful voice and vibrant stage presence takes his audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, suspense, and humor. Similar to artists like Steve Earle, Bo steers away from the passivity often associated with country music, and entertains with his gritty and playful energy. With no strict set lists, Bo feeds off of his audience, and plays to the tune of their mood, often encouraging a friendly heckle here and there.

While he frequents smaller back road bars, Bo has also performed in big name venues such as, Anderson Fair (Houston, TX), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Lambert’s (Austin, TX), The Walnut Room (Denver, CO), Montana’s Northern Lights Saloon (a personal favorite), and many more.

Aside from being a musician, Bo is a fishing enthusiast, a conservationist, and a three-time marathoner. Since the age of three, Bo has spent years fishing in freshwater and saltwater areas throughout the country, and first learned how to fly fish while touring through Colorado (Cache la Poudre River). Even while playing dozens of shows each month, Bo still gets out onto the water at least four times a month.

Bo DePeña’s authentic American storytelling is matched by his ambitious thirst for life both on and offstage. His music leans towards introspection, yet teems with energy. It tells the tales of America’s backbone, and the journey taken before returning back home.