August 1, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Gleewood is a musky Americana act based out of New Mexico that grooves through blues, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll, with lyrics that lend a story to folk and roots music enthusiasts with an energy that swells into energetic guitar solos from the heart of the psychedelic 60s. Gleewood is steeped in a vintage vibe and is poured out over an icy fresh dose of the 21st century. Jhett’s bass baritone grit welds uniquely with Callie’s high, clear, soprano vocals to create a sound that Echo House described as “Coffee and cream.”
It was after Jhett Schiavone’s laid-back, acoustic songwriting brought him back from Hawaii back to his home in New Mexico, when he met, married, and began writing with the western desert flower, Callie Sioux. Gleewood was originally conceived as an acoustic duo, humbly sharing folk songs from town to town throughout the southwest while living out of their Honda Element. Callie and Jhett initially bloomed into a trio with Myles Erdmann on drums, then Josh Landry, followed by Rio O’Neal and Jennifer Lewicki. Gleewood can be seen with several of New Mexico’s finest musicians on stage.

Although never straying from their vision to create an intimate space with their music, venues, and audiences, the insatiable desire of musical and spiritual progression sprouted a new branch of rock ‘n’ roll in the wooden soul that was originally planted in roots music. “It takes all kind of music to describe this adventure called life, man.” states, Jhett Schiavone, dripping with sweat in an interview after their opening performance for The Marshall Tucker Band. Callie Sioux expanded, “We call ourselves mountain music because we like to take people through the peaks and valleys of music. I’m a story teller and it takes a lot of elements to create a good story,”

The sometimes oxymoronic genre of “Folk Rock” is really the only way you can come close to cramming a band into a box that could easily fill the shoes of so many genres in one show which can pluck heartstrings with a historical ballad, then invoke audiences into a head-banging throng that could rival any heavy rock concert. “Our relationship with Christ requires us to always be moving forward and I want our relationship with music to reflect that,” Jhett states. Like a musical expedition through the wild west, garbed in silver, turquoise, and denim, Gleewood brings a vintage patina to the good, the bad, and the blues.

Their latest release “Whiskey Sue” is an excellent example of the grit and muscle that can be embodied by the trio while still weaving a detailed and multifaceted tale. The song is about Jhett’s Great grandfather who ran whiskey moonshine into New York during The Prohibition Era. Both Callie Sioux and Jhett were home educated and never set foot in a public school. The band claims that this was a driving force in sculpting their fervent passion for history which constantly bleeds into their music on tracks like Goodly Fere, My Grandfather’s Grandfather, and Whiskey Sue. The name, “Gleewood” itself is a medieval term used to reference an instrument similar to what we now call the guitar, and was used by the traveling minstrels of the age which can be translated into “the happy guitar.”
Jhett Schiavone(Guitar / Vocals), Callie Sioux Schiavone (Bass/ Vocals) are the meat and potatoes of the group while various instruments can be heard in their recordings including the drums, cello, piano, fiddle, and an Irish bouzouki that the group picked up while backpacking across Ireland.