Madeline Hawthorne

May 8, 2021 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Madeline Hawthorne is a traveling singer/songwriter based in Bozeman, Montana. She previously fronted The Hawthorne Roots and toured around the Pacific Northwest and Front Range of Colorado over the past 6 years.

She is currently working on a debut solo record with singer/songwriter and producer Brad Parsons and Tyler Thompson of Studio 110. The record blends the warm tones and live feel of 90’s era records like “Wildflowers” with the raw simplicity and message of Lilith Fair artists like Sheryl Crow.
Both of her parents are graduates of east coast music schools: Berklee College of Music and The New England Conservatory of Music. She was raised in New England while her Dad worked on his PhD and her mother performed in the greater Boston area: she was influenced early on by classical, jazz and folk; music by artists from all over the world. She was given her first guitar at 16 and started writing songs and performed at the beloved coffee houses hosted by a high school club in her hometown. She was inspired by artists from the era of Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Bonnie Raitt and other songwriters.

She moved to Montana at age 19. College brought a plethora of influences and experiences that slowly shaped her songwriting style. At 25 she started performing original material in Bozeman and after 6 months formed The Hawthorne Roots. She took that band on the road for 6 years, exploring the northwest and the frontrange of Colorado. She writes and performs on a a Gibson J-15 as well as an Eastman T184mx. “Music is my world. It wasn’t always my career, but after many years of soul searching and several slip ups, I finally found my purpose. This world is my home. ” – Hawthorne