Off In The Woods

October 29, 2021 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Seven jammin’ strong with Montana roots, Off in the Woods is rock’n’reggae roll with a funk-flavored soul. See OITW perform live on the “Greenhouse” tour!

It all began as a band of four young men, with roots firmly planted in Montana. They sprouted, strengthened, and branched out over time, adding three members to the group and depth to their repertoire. They are rock’n’reggae roll with a funk-flavored soul. They are Off in the Woods.

OITW’s four original members, Jon Schumaker (vox/guitar/bass), Nathan Noble (drums/percussion), Layne McKay (sax/guitar) and Sean Burress (bass/guitar), released their debut album “Smoke Signals” in 2011. The nine tracks display unique abilities of meticulous guitar picking, savvy woodwind melodies, morphing rhythms, and soulful vocals. Kyle Daugherty (trombone/shaker) brought his horn to the mix in 2013. Kai Salmonson (auxiliary percussion/bass synth) and Kia Adibzadeh (keys) have since joined, rounding out the multi-instrument, multi-genre sound and energy that defines OITW today. There are times when the band will mix things up by switching instruments, which their audience has always loved. “Our goal is to keep moving the musical art forward, we are not afraid to push the boundaries. We just want to bring something fresh to the table and have fun doing it” -Layne McKay.

They have played a wide variety of shows; large summer festivals, bars, clubs, live radio shows, benefits and small auditoriums. They’ve provided support for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, The Wailers, Polyrhythmics, Rusted Root, John Brown’s Body, Pimps of Joytime, and more. Their music has even been used on film, the documentary “Ride the Divide” and the independent film “Bella Vista”. With multiple live sets prepared, they are ready to fill any time slot, and are eager to perform their music throughout the country.

The long awaited, highly anticipated sophomore album from Off in the Woods, “Greenhouse”, shares their story of growth, nurture, and maturation. The 11-track LP demonstrates the band’s transformation from a core of talented small-town Montana musicians to a forceful funky-fresh powerhouse. “Greenhouse” is ripe for the harvest this October.