Rotgut Whines

January 17, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

At a Rotgut Whines show you can expect a quality of standard every time: grooves that make you move from two good friends in love with the music, dedicated to evoking emotions through their story telling songs. Thankfully for us, they do a damn fine job of it through their unique sound, self-described as fingerpickin’ soul and roll. Dark, raspy, deep, and soulful vocals from lead singer and guitarist Evan Manuel blend perfectly with drummer Andrew Murphy’s harmonies. Beats tailored to Manuel’s unique bluesy finger picking guitar styling make for highly dance-able, infectious music.

Though born on opposite coasts, the duo met in the Montana mountains in late 2014, when they became roommates and bonded over a shared love of music. Rotgut Whines was officially formed in April 2015 and, one year later, the band mates moved to Missoula with plans to record their first album. Still roommates, the ease of their friendship is obvious on stage and creates an effortless vibe that captivates audiences. Their palpable energy and passion make it impossible not to get up and dance.