TJ Broscoff of Southern Satellite w/ Matt Strachan

August 27, 2020 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

*Please note that wearing a face mask is required when you are away from your table*

If The Cure, Jason Isbell, Jackson Browne and Ryan Adams molded a musician love child. TJ Broscoff might be that child. Often called a musician’s musician, TJ Broscoff’s music is all inclusive, unique, and honest. Chuck Dauphin of Music News Nashville said of TJ, “One quote that has been attributed to the music of TJ Broscoff is that he is an “old soul in a young body.” Listening to his music, I get that sentiment. I’ll even go a step further. Broscoff might very well be the best pure songwriter to hit the genre since Jamey Johnson came to Nashville a few years back.” TJ writes from his experiences. The knowledge of love and loss. The victory from addiction. The human emotion of losing oneself in a downward spiral. Always thought provoking, TJ has never worried about being “genre specific” more onto this point TJ says, “I’ve always written what I call “human.” I’ve never found much inspiration from pickup trucks, or bubble gum. I’ve always held and admired artists like Townes Van, Zandt, David Gray, Hank Williams or more recently The Bros. Landreth that write about their lives, don’t worry about what genre they fit in, and let us feel and feed on their experiences.” So what does TJ sound like? “Thats honestly for my listeners to decide.” TJ says. “I’ll continue to be true to my music, and I’ll continue to be humbled by the support so many have shown me. I’m blessed to have their support and I couldn’t do it without people investing in what I have to say”

Matt Strachan will be kicking off the evening with a solo acoustic set.