WRINKLES w/ Katana Boy

November 23, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Free show! Katana Boy, a Missoula based electronic artist, will be opening with a roughly one hour set followed by WRINKLES.


Wrinkles is a five piece synth-rock / post-punk band from Missoula, Montana. There is a depth to the name Wrinkles that one would be hard-pushed to grasp in a mere glance. Not unlike their music, the moniker is immediately amusing and lighthearted, but on pulling back the layers there is an astounding wisdom that far exceeds the quintets mean age of 25.

The band was started in summer 2012, and has since grown a national ‘fun-base’ with their 2016 album, Separation Anxiety. This August, Wrinkles released their sophomore LP Other Days’ – a diverse collection of indie jams that range from sparse, ominous dream pop to guitarmanized rock anthems. While the band covers some ground sonically – each song is tied together with the band’s propensity for interlocking hooks and melodies. (For Fans Of: Wolf Parade, Modest Mouse, Joy Division, Lvl Up).

“The result is a record that allows the joyous and the difficult to exist side by side, the celebratory energy bubbling to the surface no matter what.” – Various Small Flames, August 2019

“Holy hell they’re amazing.” – Impose Magazine, July 2016

“Separation Anxiety is an impressive collection of synthy goodness from the young band, synth twists and echoing guitar played straight for immediate effect. It lifts satisfying elements from the major trends in indie of late — Young the Giant’s pop savvy, Future Islands’ propensity for the anthemic, LCD Soundsystem’s spare misanthropy — and the result is an album well-studied and well-executed.” – PopMatters, July 2016